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Are you looking for a PRICE ESTIMATE or would like to SCHEDULE with us?

If so, you MUST COME IN to the studio so we can talk in person, trace the body part to be tattooed and take a deposit.


~ Thank you for understanding.

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Hi there! Thank you for learning more about me and my work.

I’m a versatile custom artist with 17 years professional experience [12 years at Dark Horse Tattoos]. If you’re in the market for a new tattoo, I invite you to consider your decision carefully so you can feel confident that I’m the right tattoo artist for you.

I enjoy giving truly beautiful bespoke tattoos to my clients, but I’m not the right for every person or every tattoo. I don’t do every single style or subject, but in such cases, I’m happy to refer you to someone I trust completely.

For those who appreciate the way I work, I’m humbled to say they never go elsewhere. I’m blessed to work with those who want to collect my art that was commissioned & designed exclusively for them.

In my art I strive to capture the spirit of ideas and work with those who, having seen my work, feel excited to allow me to utilize my talent to create a truly unique tattoo. I want your design to be intriguing, dynamic, and flattering to your body.

I believe your tattoo should make you happy when you look at it. You should be able to wear your work with pride knowing you did your research, took your time and gave your skin the very best so your body art reflects your taste perfectly. It should be a work of art that earns you sincere compliments from strangers for life.

I strive to deliver excellent quality, earn great reviews, and to provide a clean & professional experience that you can’t help bragging about to your friends, family and coworkers.

I invest the best of my talent in my artwork so you can wear an amazing tattoo made just for you. I guarantee your work to heal perfectly and will repair anything within your warranty period free of charge. Your happiness matters!

I specialize in large scale work and enjoy subjects like plants, animals, skulls, birds, goddesses, big cats, fantasy, religion, mythology and nature. I work in brilliant color or soft black and gray.

I’m well versed in illustrative, neotraditional realism, fineline, and cartoons. I do not do any form of tribal tattooing. Even if your idea isn’t specifically mentioned here, feel free to reach out as this is not an all inclusive list of my skills or interests.

While your tattoo is yours to wear, my name and my professional reputation is forever etched in your skin. I endeavor to always do my best because I care about your tattoo just as you do.

I take the responsibility of tattooing very seriously. I only accept commissioned work I will enjoy because taking joy in one’s work is very important in life. If, on the other hand, you just need a non-custom reproduction of a sweet tattoo you found on Pinterest or Google, I’m happy to refer you to an absolutely stellar Tattooer that I trust completely.

I’m often booked in advance but if the stars align in your favor, I certainly love taking smaller, simpler pieces as a walk in. To ensure my limited time isn’t needlessly wasted, I always take a nonrefundable deposit before starting on a design.

If you want a classy tattoo from a calm, bright and shy professional artist who values your investment in your tattoo just as I value your patronage, I hope you will make the decision to contact me with your ideas. I look forward to meeting you.

Thank you!


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