Stafford Virginia Custom Tattoo Shop

Dark Horse Tattoos

Dark Horse Tattoos opened its doors in 2008. Since then we’ve offered Stafford, Virginia and the surrounding areas the best in custom progressive tattooing.

We provide a clean, comfortable, private atmosphere to get tattooed in whether it’s your first tattoo or you’re a serious collector. Our mission is to create beautiful solid tattoos we can both be proud of by offering over fifty years of combined award winning art experience translating into truly stellar tattooing in nearly every style.

Our professional staff strives for innovation in this time of social distancing. Jon, Reese and Deussay will conduct in-person consultations if needed. Cat provides consultation by telephone if needed.

With a wide range of artistic styles at our disposal, our versatile friendly artists are confident we can execute your next tattoo with our built-in guarantee of proper healing be it a loved one’s name or a full custom sleeve. We hope you’ll support your local artists and inquire about your next project.

Now Hiring!

We are seeking: TATTOO ARTISTS. 

If interested, please fill out our online application.

Covid-19 Guidelines

At this time we have new guidelines we must follow moving forward. Please join us in working towards everyone’s health and safety!

  1. Moving forward we can work by appointment or walk-in if time allows..

  2. Clients must come in alone as our industry remains at reduced capacity AND so artists minimize any extra exposure to those they are not working on.

  3. Masks used upon request.

  4. Only bring your cell phone, car keys, ID, and payment method inside. Please leave ALL purses, coats, backpacks, vapes, extra stuff, etc. in your vehicle. This is critical to stop the spread of germs.

  5. No food/drink/gum/mints/etc allowed. Please step to your car for all needed consumables.

  6. Call to reschedule if you’re sick, have been exposed to Covid-19 or are in quarantine. Cancellation policies are waived.

  7. All tattoo consultations will be performed in person for Jon, Reese and Deussay or by telephone for Cat (who has greater risk factors). Please make sure your thoughts are organized. Be as precise as possible. Have visual references available to email directly (no links please).

  8. Please make use of frequent hand-washing and hand sanitizer.

  9. We will, as always, make use of single use tattoo equipment and PPE. We will, as always, maintain our vigorous facilities cleaning using fast-acting medical grade disinfectants.

  10. Our facility will utilize its high powered industrial air exhaust system which was installed when the space was a nail salon to change out the studio air continuously.

  11. We will be taking temperatures to ensure no one has a fever.