Reese James


Reese works by appointment (and very rarely by walk-in) Friday through Tuesday.

Hey everybody! What’s going on!

Reese is an eclectic, interesting guy with five years experience. He is growing and pushing himself daily. He specializes in surrealism; realism and watercolor. He doesn’t do cartoons or family portraits.

What do I need to be prepared for my consultation?

Have photos of tattoos similar to what you want. This is critical.

You must have your thoughts organized to be as clear, precise and unambiguous as possible. The main point is for Reese to know exactly how you want the tattoo to LOOK like.

Although Reese loves drawing, he does not have time to re-draw your image over and over again because there was a lack of communication.

When will my art be available to view?

Your art will be available to view the day of your appointment. Reese does not send out his artwork via e-mail or any other way.

You will see your final tattoo design the day of the appointment. Any minor changes will be made that day. If major changes need to be made to the design, Reese may choose to reschedule you.

To avoid this, please be precise during your consultation to avoid any misunderstandings. If you change your mind about the tattoo design and wish to have an entirely new design drawn, your original deposit will be forfeited and you will be asked to leave another.