I have to say I am really enjoying the new Dark Horse website. I think it is so much more functional and attractive than the website’s last version and we have heard from many customers that they like it too.

There’s a little bit of buzz in the air as everyone is anticipating Spring’s full-blown arrival. I, for one, am completely over this thing they call Winter. It’s for the birds! Bring me the delicate pink of the cherry blossom festival in Washington, DC or the sizzling splendor of a star gazer lily blooming outside my door in Stafford, Virginia. pretty much anything EXCEPT the biting cold, dirty snow and polar blasts we’ve been having this season.

Electric Steve has gotten some amazing new body jewelry in stock in from one of our favorite vendors – Industrial Strength. There are some knock out pieces with tons of sparkle and shine for the ladies. The surface anchor tops are killer and the navel jewelry in stock is beyond compare. If you find yourself in need of a dazzling new upgrade or don’t react well to junk jewelry, do yourself a favor and swing on by. Beach season is just around the corner!

Jon has been knocking it out of the park lately and today was exceptionally good. He did the most fantastic, technically precise Polynesian half sleeve that totally set the bar impossibly high. It was gorgeous. If you like the big bold look of tribal you should give him a shout because he really does a bang up job folks.

I, myself, have been blessed with several larger projects in the works and can’t wait to show the completed work off. From a highly difficult double cover up with a hunting & fishing theme to a large Asian style phoenix chest panel and quarter sleeve, there are big things brewing.

I hope to see you all soon!

Your friend,