As our busy season has taken off like a bat out of hell, things are happening around here so quickly that if you blink, you’ll miss it!

Cat and Steve just got back from adding on to their large scale works in progress. Cat was able to finish her calf sock completely in a very short twelve hours split into two sessions. Steve still isn’t finished with his right arm at 32 hours–he’s probably got five hours left. Just goes to show, if you want big work, be prepared for a big time commitment ! Meanwhile, Jon has got his own upper shoulder cap just about finished. This cover up took about six hours but there is a chest piece to add in as well.

Cat and Steve are getting ready to hit the Saint Louis HAA convention. The annual pilgrimage to the Arch is always good fun. So these two haunted house fans will be out of the office from 3/17-3/25.

In March, our two new apprentices, Laura and Denise will be starting with us. Laura is good with comic book style cartoons while Denise is great at anime. We look forward to getting our new gals up to speed and seeing new art grow from them. Should be a fun spring!