It was a crazy fun week at Dark Horse Tattoos and Body Piercing! Clearly Stafford is the most rockin’ little town in Northern Virginia!

I finished up a fun back piece of a skull and roses with an old school dagger. I also did a fun vintage wolf tattoo sandwiched between several other one-off traditional tattoos. I also had the pleasure if tattooing a super fun girly scorpion tattoo. Finally I had the honor if fixing a husband and wife’s set of matching yang yang tattoos.

Steve did the most beautiful Medusa piercing I’ve ever seen. It was a knockout. I’m so utterly envious of that pretty piercing. He also did a fancy septum, a double nostril and some other pieces. I am so excited to see the new jewelry he got in. I’m thinking of ordering something really special for summer.

Jon has had some great clients come see him. He us such a flexible person and he is so friendly that he could literally charm birds out if the trees and onto the next feather bird tattoo. I am so proud of how happy he makes everyone. He just brings sunshine into everyone’s day.