Things are humming right along with our northern Virginia tattoo studio. Stafford is really beautiful in the Spring.

Cat has turned out some interesting projects lately including some new custom art, some custome half sleeves and a new back piece project. Tattooing interesting projects makes the day go by so quickly. She has also reproduced a client’s daughter’s artwork as a tattoo this past weekend along with drawing for a large upcoming cover up tattoo.

Jon has tattooed a beautiful mermaid and helped out some folks needing tattoo add-ons and re-works. There have been numerous tattoo cover up requests as well.

Our new apprentices Laura and Denise have been drawing gorgeous new tattoo art and getting a little taste of the trade.

Steve has been swamped with genital piercing projects including lots of new VCHs, an ampallang and a dydoe.

To let you know, Dark Horse Tattoos and Body Piercing will be closed:

Sunday, April 20, 2014 In honor of Easter.

What’s new with you?

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