Deposit Policy

  • Once you’ve booked a tattoo appointment with Dark Horse Tattoos, your tattoo artist will be reserving a block of their time researching, and preparing for your tattoo in advance of your appointment.
  • A missed appointment will negatively impact your artist’s work flow. In some cases, missed appointments could leave your artist without any income for the entire work day. Reaching other clients who are willing to fill your canceled or missed appointments is often impossible.
  • Our deposit policy is designed to offset the negative effects of cancellations, and rescheduling.
  • We understand that unforeseen events may impact your ability to keep a scheduled tattoo appointment. This policy is designed to allow for appointments to be rescheduled, but with a fair agreement in place to protect Dark Horse Tattoos and the artists.
  • Deposits are always non-refundable/non-transferable and can only be deducted from the cost of tattoo sessions. Changing your mind about getting the tattoo is not a valid reason to have your deposit refunded.
  • The deposit will be deducted from the final quoted price of your session. In the event of multiple session tattoos, your deposit will be retained as a deposit on your next session(s).
  • Rescheduling without adequate notice normally results in losing your entire deposit but this policy is suspended due to Covid-19.
  • If you would like to change an appointment, contact us by phone during studio hours. Dark Horse Tattoos Daily (no holidays)12pm-8pm EST Phone (540)288-8370

Covid-19 Guidelines

At this time we have new guidelines we must follow moving forward. Please join us in working towards everyone’s health and safety!

  1. Moving forward we can work by appointment or walk-in if time allows.

  2. Masks are optional. Artists will wear a mask upon request.

  3. We will not ask your vaccine status. We believe this is a personal choice.

  4. You will not lose your deposit if you have to reschedule due to exposure to CV-19.

  5. Please use common sense. If you don’t feel well, don’t visit us.

  6. Estimates are only guaranteed for 30 days due to extreme inflation and market volatility.

  7. All tattoo consultations will be performed in person for Jon, Reese and Deussay or by telephone for Cat. 

  8. Please make use of frequent hand-washing and hand sanitizer.

  9. We will, as always, make use of single use tattoo equipment and PPE. We will, as always, maintain our vigorous facilities cleaning using fast-acting medical grade disinfectants.

  10. Our facility will utilize its high powered industrial air exhaust system which  changes out the studio air continuously.