Stafford is abuzz with several new tattoo clients here at Dark Horse Tattoos and Body Piercing. We enjoyed a particularly outstanding day earlier this month which topped our daily record of deposits taken with 18 new deposits between Jon and Cat. Wow!

There is great back piece in our future, a huge sleeve cover up ad countless half sleeves. Lots of folks are trying to squeeze in our schedules before sleeves go up at Quanitco Marine Corps Base. You can’t stop the military from getting tattooed; I don’t know why command even bothers.

Cat has had the pleasure of offering new pieces of art. Every now and then, a fun concept takes over and she goes wild. She and Steve are looking forward to taking a sculpture class with one of stars of the reality TV show Carvers. Hopefully they will each have a character piece to show for it. Without too much experience in sculpture these two should have fun even if it doesn’t turn out to be the most technically perfect expression of comic book art.

Steve has been doing a ton of surface anchors, septum piercings and genital piercings lately. He did the most lovely Medusa the other day!

Jon’s keeping busy with fun new pieces. He did a really great flower just the other day.

We are happy to say it looks like Sring has sprung. Please stop by and say hello.

Your Friend,