Cat Johnson


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  • 20 years experience 
  • Appointment-only
  • Wed-Sun 11am-5:30pm
  • Color or Black & Grey

SPECIALTIES: Illustrative Neotraditional, Japanese, Fine Line, Ornamental, Realism, cartoons and American Traditional.

Cat’s favorite subjects include skulls, animals, plants, mythology and ornaments.


  1. DO YOU TAKE WALK-INS? no but the shop does when there’s time in the schedule to do so.
  2. CAN I GET SOMETHING CUSTOM? please do! if you want something outside my wheelhouse, I will send you to the right person.
  3. CAN YOU EMAIL ME MY DESIGN IN ADVANCE? no, but we’ll call you to see it in person.
  4. HOW DO YOU PREFER PAYMENT? cash is king. credit is accepted but we’ll give you one less lollipop in your swag bag 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃
  5. WHAT FLAVOR GUMMIBEAR IS BEST? you know it’s cherry. 

Fine Art